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"New Parent Attempts to Medita—”—An installation for headphones and videoscreen with over 2000 permutations of sound, video, and time. Video/Audio created by Josh Loar. Exhibited as part of the Amusement Park Avenue gallery show at Rozsa Center Gallery A 2017.


“Noise Floor”—Interactive Exhibit at the Michigan Technological University Rozsa Center Art Gallery, 2016 created, designed, and produced by Josh Loar .

Noise surrounds us. In the industrial world we are constantly bombarded with sounds, most of which we no longer even notice (the hum of compressor motors, the whine of routers, the whir of hard drives, the roar of lawnmowers). Noise Floor is an interactive exhibit by artist Josh Loar, focused on the pervasive noise around us -- mechanical and cultural -- bringing into focus sounds that we normally shut out of our conscious minds.

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