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    Josh Loar    

Josh Loar is an educator, multimedia designer, and artist. His work can be found in theme parks, theaters, concert halls, large and small screens, and anywhere music is heard. He is a consultant on issues ranging from acoustic design and treatment, to production systems design and integration, to forensic audio, and more. He is currently Professor of Practice in Sound Design at Michigan Technological University.










"Josh is an exemplary teacher who is extremely well versed in his subject areas, exhibits a demonstrative passion for his work, is a creative pedagogue, is well regarded by his students, and brings a wealth of pertinent professional experience to his teaching. The students certainly relate to his youthful energy and his professional wisdom."
—Michael Irish, Associate Professor, Director of Jazz Studies, Michigan Technological University Department of Visual and Performing Arts

"Thanks for your expertise, enthusiasm, and hard work."
—Dolce Wang, Walt Disney Imagineering

"Your fastidious attention to detail and eagerness to modify the design to meet evolving project targets is much appreciated. The (design) package is sharp, all AVC integrators should be so lucky as ours to receive it."
—Rob Palmer, Technical Director, The Producers Group

"Josh Loar, Sound Supervisor at Yale Repertory Theatre, has helped influence the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to better respond to the needs of theatre companies with regard to their wireless microphones."
—Theater Communications Group on Josh's work addressing the FCC

“All the audience in the 800 capacity room experiences is extremely clean live sound every night".
—Mix Magazine's David Weiss on Josh's mixing at Le Poisson Rouge

“Thanks, it sounded fantastic."
—Matthew Dear on Josh ’s FOH mix for Ghostly International CMJ showcase

“Thank you for the fantastic sound.”
—David Harrington, Kronos Quartet on Josh's FOH & Monitor mix

"It sounds really great, man."
—Will Calhoun, Living Colour on Josh's FOH mix

"Thanks for the great sound."
—Charlie Haden on Josh's FOH mix

"He's the best in New York City."
—Tim Curry, Vice President of Carroll Music on Josh's mixing and management

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